Dar Lahze

by Sehrang

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Muhammad beautiful album...love the mix and the feel
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Fill up our cups with the light of wine Musician sing ,that the world is on our side We see the reflection of our lover in our cup you unaware of the pleasure of our constant drinking may the bird bring us to our union
Oh nightingale weep for me weep and awaken my sorrows with your burning sigh ,break this cage and turn it over Oh imprisoned nightingale, come out of the corner of your cage and sing us the song of human freedom breath again and make our world sparkle once more brutality of the tyrant and cruelty of the hunter has destroyed my nest O God O Heaven O Nature make our dark night turn in to dawn
If you are drinking , drink with the wise, Or with an idol or a beautiful smiling face Drink little, rarely and secretly
The season of the flowers lasts but a few days in our time You who left us good memories One must not disturb the lovers, Must not harm their own If the candle and the butterfly shall burn through time Come daylight, disappears all signs of the candle and the moon You hunt, imprisoned bird, You stone, broken wings You kill with your cruel arrow, the weak lover who sits in blood through all this time
reach for you and I get the world I think of you And I touch time floating and immortal, Naked I blow, I rain, I shine I am the sky The stars the earth and the perfumed wheat that grows into grain Dancing In this green life of mine I pass through you As a thunder in the night I shine and I fall
Once upon a time under a dome there was a girl wearing a dress full of flowers She had eyes the color of honey And her hair let down on her shoulders Her smile was sweet as sugar One day from far away arrived a man on a horse Took away a fairy from the honey eyed girl’s heart He took the angel and tapped his horse Left the girl without her fairy Days went by and the rider didn’t return One day she found the courage to take the road looking for a rider and a fairy Days with sunshine and nights with moonlight The girl of our tale one with the wind climbed and climbed over the mountains with no more strength left, she sat in a corner all alone She closed her eyes and started dreaming from far away arrived a man on a horse gave her a kiss on the lips, Love came through his voice He took her hand and put her on the horse He made her a companion of his dreams she became one with the dream of flying Her fairy showed her face from behind all the fears as the little girl opened her eyes All around her full of fairies She got up and turned around, saw that the fairies were singing and dancing to the same song The girl of our tale opened her wings Flew towards the angels As if she had always known the song She sang the song with the fairies
I am not an eagle, nor a pigeon but As I come to life in the solitude of the earth The magical wings of poetry The fantasy wings of love Take me to the skies , I fly higher and higher I go further and further away from this land I go towards a world where Music is life and the strewn of light, are all cries of joy Until where will that joyful wave take me To the fairy-land and on the top of the highest roof And the memory of the all the birds inside cages Pulls me back down to earth
Waves of the sea, waves of the sea Angry waves of the sea Waves of the sea have broken the boats and the man And man on the waves of the sea and the boats, are sailing It's cloudy and foggy I am sitting alone in the boat And the sea is whispering in my ears Oh how fragile you are, man Oh hidden sun Wind and thunder from every side Wandering between the waves I know how fragile I am in between Waves of the sea, waves of the sea Angry waves of the sea Waves of the sea have broken the boats and the man And man on the waves of the sea and the boats, are sailing I close my eyes Suddenly time stopped In this chaos A temptation came over me Pulsed through me It was as if, for years and years From far away was calling inside me It was calling life With all its strength With roaring waves Scream out loud This is life roaring inside you You alone You naked You the tiniest between the roaring waves Waves of the sea, waves of the sea Angry waves of the sea Waves of the sea have broken the boats and the man And man on the waves of the sea and the boats, are sailing
My heart is as dark and bright as sunset Waiting for a rainy night Far away, a woman Surrenders to her pain Crying and laughing She is life and death sunshine and darkness Under the weight of her pain She cries and laughs There is not There is no escape Even in your arms What place does your warm embrace have in this darkness Far away A woman surrenders in her pain Her eyes full of luminous fire As if she was craving back her tears
Traveler, alone and tired on the road You have a long way ahead of you A way that leads to a feild A field full of submission and belief So go on your wayogether with wind with love You who are thirsty for togetherness Your eyes will shine of hope and purity Of your desire So you may dissolve in your belief


Sehrang, meaning tri-colored in Farsi, is the trio comprised of these three young Iranian musicians who share the same vision of making a new sound, which is still rooted in their common culture. Their music is so colorful and inspiring that it could only resemble a story for writers or a dance for choreographers, or even a new painting for painters. But mostly it resembles a feeling so deep, and yet so light and playful that anybody could relate to, even if they do not understand the language or the complexity of the music.

From original lyrics to classical Iranian poetry, their music uses and creates poetry, simultaneously, and their songs are very intimate and extremely groovy. Their original compositions are so rich and unique that they resemble an orchestra but at the same time give the audience enough intimacy and space for imagination and curiosity.

Sehrang, not to mention the mastery of its musicians on their instruments, is a trio of three storytellers using the language of music.


released January 28, 2014

Golnar Shahyar - Vocals
Mahan Mirarab - Guitars
Shayan Fathi - Percussion
recorded at Camaa Music recording lounge Vienna by Shayan Fathi
Mixed & Mastered by Shayan Fathi
photos & Graphic Design by Shayan Fathi
lyrics translation by tara Mehrad
produced by Sehrang

for more information check out: www.sehrang.com


all rights reserved



Sehrang Madrid, Spain

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